Freefly MOVI Pro
electronic stabilizer
for the camera

The most advanced, lightweight and portable camera stabilization system for world-class video production.

Freefly movi pro
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Hollywood pros choose - Freefly Movi Pro

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Carbon case

The highest quality carbon fiber body makes MOVI Pro incredibly lightweight and durable.


A kilogram

Weight of stabilizer

Carrying a camera around all day is exhausting and that's why MOVI Pro doesn't have a single extra screw, wire or part.

The MOVI Pro weighs only 2 kilograms 650 grams without batteries. 

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Proxl counterweights 04


A kilogram

Load capacity

The MOVI Pro motors have enough power reserves to handle heavy movie cameras with confidence and stability (ARRI ALEXA MINI, ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, RED and even film cameras)

Heavy zoom lenses ( ARRI Master Anamorphic Zoom, Cooke Anamorphic Zoom, Angenieux EZ, etc.).

Lightweight batteries

Two lightweight and high-capacity MOVI Pro batteries power the stabilizer, camera and accessories without additional batteries, minimizing the weight of the equipment.

MOVI Pro batteries weigh only 650 grams.

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Hot battery replacement

The MOVI Pro power system is designed to minimize downtime on set. Intelligent hot-swappable batteries power the MOVI Pro, camera and all accessories, allowing you to shoot all day using only the lightweight MOVI Pro batteries.

Power Camera, Accessories

Two 25.2 V MOVI Pro batteries provide power for the MōVI as well as the following additional power ports:

Powerful 2
Powerful 5

Smart Batteries

MOVI Pro batteries strike the right balance between size, performance and usability. The batteries are equipped with controls and integrated fuses, and the integrated charge indicator provides the user with instant information on the status of the MOVI Pro batteries. 


Power and Control

With twice the torque of the first-generation MōVI motors and high-resolution encoders, the direct-drive brushless motors specifically designed for the MōVI Pro can tackle any application.

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Charge indication / Settings

MOVI Pro has an integrated screen on the rear panel, giving users quick access to important information and the ability to adjust settings on the fly without the need for a phone or computer.

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Freefly movi pro mimic

MIMIC - Remote control of camera beam and settings

Freefly launched our beta version of MIMIC at NAB in 2015, and everyone was impressed with the precise and natural control that the technology offers users.

MIMIC is at the heart of the MōVI Pro and enables two-way control of the MōVI beam, settings, camera control and real-time telemetry.


Freefly has tightly integrated MōVI Pro with RED cameras so users can access RED camera controls from hundreds of feet away using the MōVI Controller or the new MIMIC Controller.

Lens Control Unit

The MōVI Pro features the world's smallest fully integrated 3-channel lens control system built into the stabilizer.

Control focus, zoom, and iris with the MōVI Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the two.

Movi pro fiz

MōVI Pro App

Customize and monitor your MōVI Pro in real time using the MōVI Pro app.

iPhone      Android


High performance processors and tuning algorithms allow MōVI Pro to achieve optimal filter and stiffness settings in ~3 seconds per axis without user intervention.

MōVI Pro allows cinematographers to focus on creating stunning shots rather than adjusting the stabilizer.

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Estimates for Legal Entities

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900px 180roll

180 degrees.

The MōVI Pro can switch from upright to inverted mode with a quick 180-degree rotation. Changes from Handheld to TERO in seconds.

Quick-release fasteners

Our versatile Toad in the Hole quick release system has become an industry favorite.

Something that allows users to shoot quickly on the ground, in the sky, and anywhere else.

Internalwiring 02

Internal wiring

The MōVI Pro is internally wired to prevent damage and tearing during use.

In addition, we de-energized and sealed all connections to maximize reliability in a variety of weather conditions.

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Loading time

Every second counts on set, and MōVI Pro helps you maximize your shooting time with 2-second uploads.

Improved stability

Freefly Systems invented the handheld stabilizer, and further honed their skills when creating the MōVI Pro.

It features high-quality sensors with precise calibration to capture the most challenging shots

(60 dB with 1 Hz noise suppression).

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Built-in stand

We know how much stress crews are under to create high quality content faster than ever before.

The MōVI Ring Pro has a built-in stand that allows the operator to quickly place the stabilizer almost anywhere. This reduces operator fatigue and saves you energy.

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